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❀ ғ o r g ε t M ε ηoт ❀
My body lived, but I died.

What do I ѕтαη∂ for?

            What do I ѕтαη∂ for?

                мσѕт ηιgнтѕ I don't know

         α η у м σ я є


                      once upon a time, you were
                           my sun, my moon
                              all my stars

                                                ( now I can’t even remember
                                                        the sound of your voice )

                                              but was it really worth it?

                                              did i really deserve this?


I am strong
  I am brave
    I am powerful
      I am so, so much more
        I am not small
      I refuse to be squashed
    Because I believe
  I believe that


                           can c h a n g e the world around me



-Casually places - "Excuse Me"


Send me an “Excuse Me” and I’ll tell you my muse’s reaction to being Interrupted while…

8. Singing

Despite the lies that you’re making
Your love is mine for the taking
My love is
Just waiting
To turn your tears to roses

I will be the one that’s gonna hold you
I will be the one that you run to
My love is
A burning, consuming fire~

About as soon as he heard the door creak the blond stops and swings around, a bright red flush dusting his cheeks. “..Did you hear that?”

                         "Uhmmm." Xion blinked at the other, her cheeks slightly tinting in embarrassment. Deciding whether she should tell him she heard or not, she rubbed the back of her neck. She had been standing with her ear against the door for quite some time. The door had creaked when she accidentally leaned against the door. Though she’d never tell him such things.

                           "Heh. A little bit." She chuckled.

[Saïx] Send ѻ and our muses will be handcuffed together, but the cuffs won't come off!



                         "W    What? I can’t be handcuffed to you! “ Tugging at her wrist, she tried her best to slip out her hand. After few desperate attempts she finally gave up.

                         "Well… This should be fun."


the elder stayed silent, for he, himself, did not know the answer to her question. But to avoid her possibly repeating the question as a young child would he gave her a simple, “I don’t know.”

                         "Surely there’s gotta be a reason why you’re so stern all the time." Tilting her head at the other, a brow slightly arched. There had to be something that bugged him right? Other than most of the Organizations members being complete goofballs.

+ the-moon-before-twilight!



"I never seen you around here before? Aren’t you hot in those clothes? Hoenn’s climate isn’t exactly… mild."


                         "Wha     ?” Turning to face the other, she soon blinked down at her dark coat. Consumed in her mission she had entirely forgotten the temperature of the climate.

                          "Er   No. I guess not. ” Xion chuckled softly. An arm lifting to rub the back of her neck. " Didn’t notice the heat ‘til now."


◢◤ Assassin
                                           Monster ◥◣

stop it
stop it


 The longer I stand here…

                        the louder the silence.

   I know that you’re                                                                                                                                                                      gone.

But sometimes, I swear that I hear your voice when the wind blows…


                              I talk to…

                  the shadows, hoping that you might be listening, ‘cause I want you to know…
                                it’s so loud,
                                    inside my h e a d… with words that I should have said.
                                        and as I drown, in my regrets… 
                                          I can’t take back, the words I…
never said. 





When I sit here and talk with you guys… I get the strangest feeling… that a long time ago, I used to watch the sunset with somebody else.

When I sit here and talk with you guys… I get the strangest feeling… that a long time ago, I used to watch the sunset with somebody else.

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