Goodbye, Roxas. I'm glad...I got to meet you. Oh. And of course, Axel too. You're both my best friends..

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❀ ғ o r g ε t M ε ηoт ❀


                                                        Who are you
                            And what are you doing in front of me at five o’clock
                        It’s the small hours and I’m sinking into your eyes again
                                     And I’m thinking what is this feeling 

    o  h    n  o


                                                           I am not afraid to keep on ℓινιηg
                                             I am not afraid to { walk this world } alone
                                                        ʜᴏɴᴇʏ if you stay you’ll be ƒσяgινєη
                                          N̗̖̭̭͟o̬̗t̲̭̩͕͔h̬i̱̕n͓͜g̞͎͡ you can say can stop me going H


 The world’s filled with

                            L I A R S 

       Liars like

                               M E

"Why are you out by yourself so late?"





                         "I couldn’t sleep." Xion sighed, a careful fist rubbing one of her eyes. "I didn’t want to stay cooped up inside so I thought I might go out and walk around."

Xion fought her sense to tense at his words. A tinge of shock glinting in her eyes before she hid it.

                         "Somethings aren’t necessarily our fault.." She answered grimly.Unknowing how to answer the rest. She had almost killed Roxas once… Maybe even twice, but he was the better of the two in the end.

                         forced my best friends to fight me… It was even my fault when my actions forced Roxas to kill me.”

I’m sorry Flaire.” She managed to mumble, ceasing  the silence that once filled the air.


                         "No…. Maybe a little bit confused?" She questioned, a palm lifting to rub her neck. "Doesn’t mean my thoughts can’t be altered.. Someone could do one thing and then say another. That’s what happened last time.. The information I held was given to me in a whole different way then I understood it to be." Xion softly sighed, slipping her hands into her pockets.

                         "I’m a doll not just because of that… But because I was created from an actual doll."

A frown appeared upon his face when she apologized. He never did like being pitied or having people feel sorry for his losses. It just tended to make him feel too awkward.

"There’s no need to apologize, Xion. You don’t have anything to apologize for. And while it is certainly true that people can manipulate others with words they cannot deceive you from your true personality. Being made from a doll does not seal your fate as being one. It means you were made as one but you still have the ability to determine that you are not. That you are more."

                         "But I feel bad." Xion confused herself with her words.  F e e l ? Was she truly feeling the guilt of her previous words? Or had her made-up emotions gotten the best of her?

                         "But being manipulated changes a piece of your personality. Though I may not have the fate of one it doesn’t change the fact I am one.." Glancing away, she set her sights on the dusty ground.

                       "I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to be more then I am now.” she mumbled.

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Her face slightly tinted at the thought of the others hues.

                         "They remind me of the emerald tinted shells I’d find along the ocean. Makes me think of when I put the shells to me ears and hear the gentle lap of the waves.." 

My internet Friends are Real!



















I’ll always be there for you.

Because that’s what friends are for.

I have to get some internet friends.

Bedtime Memes


  • "I’m getting sleepy."
  • "You look tired."
  • "I’m going to bed."
  • "Are you joining me?"
  • "I’ll be waiting for you."
  • "Can you keep it down? I’m trying to sleep."
  • "Turn off those lights!"
  • "It’s time for bed."
  • "But I don’t want to go to sleep."
  • "I’m not tired."
  • "Can…




                        " Could you?" She asked, a small smile forming on her lips. 

                        “Sorry for trouble.”

“‘S no trouble at all. I’ll be right back.” He said, smiling as he went to the back room. After a moment he came back, a guitar in his hands, “Is this the one you’re looking for?”


Smiling, her hues gazed over at the guitar. Her attention directing up towards the other.

                         "Does it have a dragon-ish symbol engraved on the side?" She asked shyly. A bit embarrassed she wasn’t able to see the dimensions of the guitar in which the carving may reside.

I didn’t do it.. [Closed rp with the-moon-before-twilight]




Jessamond nodded “I’m.. Jessamond.. If i haven’t told you alright..” She mumbled, walking toward the closet and pulling out whatever she grabbed first, running toward the bathroom to get changed into the clean clothing.



                         "Nice to meet you Jessamond.”  She offered a smile, taking a few steps into the kitchen.
                         "Are you hungry?"

Walking out of the bathroom in the baggy clothes she picked out, she sat on the bed, crossing her legs “Yes.. Something to eat sounds nice.. Would you like me to help you cook?” 


                         "Do you have the energy to help? You might need a bit of rest after your crazy night."

"Don't let the shadows kill your light." -waves-


Safe and Sound Sentence Meme


What did this girl mean, ‘don’t let the shadows kill your light’? Did he even have a light? Being a vampire, a creature of darkness, Sora never thought that he belonged in such a thing, something that was dangerous to him and caused him harm.

"I’m not sure what you mean, miss."

Slowly nodding, her head slightly tilted. A faint smile forming on her lips at his question.

                        "Everyone has a light. Even if it’s deep within the darkness. Don’t let the darkness take your light, because yours can grow brighter then you think..

                              … Sora.”

"Why are you so angry?"





                         "Because I have nothing left! My friends are gone! No one I once knew even remembers me! And!…." Her words trailed off, her teeth clenching as she glared angrily at the ground. 

                          “It’s all m y fault…”


                         "But I was the one who told him to set Kingdom Hearts free. My death fueled his ambition for completing my final words. Leading up to the fight with you." Xion clasped her hands together, unwilling to forget her misleading last words to blonde. Especially their words before Xion’s actions forced him to fight against her.

Jolting from her thoughts, her gaze slowly lifted towards the other.

                          "Really? I always knew Axel had it in him. Even if he had forgotten me, he still had Roxas by his side to motivate him." Ocean hues slightly drifted back towards the ground, her palms clasping tighter around themselves.

                          "He’s Lea now isn’t he?"


He nodded slightly as he spoke, confirming her suspicions. “Yeah. But he’s still the same man you knew when he was Axel. I don’t think that he’ll ever change.” 

"As for Roxas…" He began, his voice trailing off as he thought back to the fight they had and shared at Memory’s Skyscraper, fighting each other and the countless Neos at the same time. Roxas was winning the fight on both fronts, but Riku had been holding back. If it hadn’t been for…

"If I hadn’t changed from the man you see before you now, Roxas would have won hands down. He would have succeeded with your final request. The Organization might have never posed as big a threat as it does now. However, you would not be here, and still be trapped as nothing more than a fading memory between both Sora and Roxas, the other sleeping on with no chance of retrieving his memories while Roxas kept fighting, and quite possibly leaving him and the worlds in the most vulnerable state possible. We both did what he had to do, Xion… And how long have I been calling you by your name?"

                         "Really? That’s great news… The only difference though is he doesn’t remember." A small yet painful smile formed at the corners of her lips. The news of Axel remaining the same even as his Somebody.

                Bet he still says the same silly line he used to. Xion softly chuckled at the thought, her attention brought back at the sound of the blondes name. Her head slightly tilted as she searched his expression. A hint of fear filling through her at the words he wasn’t say. Had something bad gone wrong? Had her misguiding last request lead him to a darker place then she thought?

                      "Changed?" She repeated, wondering what he could’ve meant. Listening to the rest of his words, Xion felt a wave of gratitude towards the other. If it weren’t for her small cry to stop Roxas, havoc would’ve had occurred. A havoc that would’ve occurred because of her final words which mislead her best friend. A havoc that was stopped because of the male before her.

                      "Thank you, Riku." Smiling she wrapped her arms around the other. She was still learning the affections you give as a thank you, but she had seen other humans do something relatively the same. Slowly pulling back, her head tilted to the side. She hadn’t thought of he speaking her name until it was mentioned.

                      "I think you’ve said it twice now…" Pausing for a moment, ocean hues widened in surprise.

                      "Do you… Remember?"

"You’re my Achilles heel"




                         "I’m supposed to care… Why?"


                         "Wait… Why are you giving this to me of all people you could give to?"


well…besides Shion…you’re the only person i actually trust…i only give this kind of gift to trustworthy pepole

                          "You… Trust  m e ?”

Turning her head back in check to make sure she was far enough away from her pursuers; she ran on. Her breath coming in gasps she forgot to look where she was going. "Oof!" Blinking up at the other, hues widened. "I-I'm so sorry!" {-Waves-}


While this wouldn’t be the first time Sora’s done something incredibly stupid, it’s pretty high up on the list. The Keyblade wielder had managed to walk away with a good amount of useless coupons. Don’t ask how, or why, or what Moogle in their right mind had coupons for lame stuff like ‘one free kiss’ or ‘a back massage’. Sora didn’t get it at all.

That being said, he hadn’t even been paying attention to where he was walking either. He was busy flipping through the makeshift coupon book, trying to see if maybe there was anything actually useful. Someone bumped right into him. He stumbled backwards from the impact, though managed to drop his coupon book with a look of surprise.

"A-ah, its no big deal!" Sora was quick to apologize, bending down to help her up, "You okay?"


                         "Yeah." She answered. Taking his hand before standing up. Dusting herself off, ocean hues blinked in surprise at the other.

                         "Sorry again! Are you alright too?" Xion asked, taking quick glances to scan over the male for injuries. 

                          "I’m so clumsy." She chuckled, rubbing the back of her head.                 "I was running and forgot to look where I was      Sentence trailing off, the Nobodies gaze directed behind the other. Making sure those who had been after her weren’t close behind.



                          “Really? You flew? How was it?”


Ocean hues sparked with curiosity. She has almost flown once, but it wasn’t long enough to be considered flying. Giggling, the Nobody tilted her head. "Yet?"


"It was awesome! It didn’t last long but I had fun! Axel went with me one time if I remember right."He said with an excited smile and thought it would been even better if she was there with them.

"Yet, because if someone fall on me one more time I think I’ll really become a pancake."


                         "Sounds magical!" She grinned, her mind getting lost in her imagination at the thought of flying. It wasn’t something a person necessarily could do; but after the news she knew it’d be possible one day.

Giggling, her palms pressed his cheeks together.

                         "And a squished one at that."

The sea beneath the twilight




                        “Monsters? Do you mean they’re kinda like Heartless.”


                         "Really?" She blinked, tilting her head to the side.

                          "Sounds like my friend Roxas. Except he wears a coat like mine. Is Ven’s hair really spiky?”

"Yes, if you are talking about the black creatures."

"And yes, Ven’s hair is spiky. How did you know?" This was a bit perplexing.

                         "With the yellow eyes? And they take hearts?"

A glint of confusion filtered over her hues. She had described Roxas.

Because my friend has the exact same features.”

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